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Sapient – “My Grind Is Tech” Video

August 3, 2009

Click to download iPod version


‘Make More’ and ‘Long Story, Short…’ Reviews

June 16, 2009

The reviews have started popping up on the internets. If you want to read through them you can click the following links;

Sapient – ‘Make More’;
Portland Mercury

Willamette Week
Daily Vanguard

Sandpeople – ‘Long Story, Short…’ EP
Rap Reviews (The person they refer to as Lame is actually IAMe)
Potholes In My Blog
My Life My HipHop
Crappy Indie Music (hard to translate, but seems favorable)

Review: Sapient – “Make More”

June 10, 2009

Casey Jarmin over at Willamette Week is the first to review Sapient’s latest album, “Make More”. Here’s some of what he had to say;

“The opening track from Sapient’s Make More, “Here,” is about as bold as rap songs get: a rap manifesto set to a sweeping orchestral storm of sampled brass, strings, voices and beats that’s one part John Williams and one part Ennio Morricone. Sapient comes through loud and clear. “The industry is tainted/ Piss in the batter/ So I don’t listen to rappers and all their whimsical banter/ They don’t talk like they live/ And the pleasure material objects can give is as false as it gets.” “

You can read the rest here.

Also, don’t forget to come to Sapient’s album release party in Portland on the 13th;

And in Seattle on the 14th;

Sapient – “Make More” cover art & preorder

May 20, 2009

Sapient’s new album Make More is available for preorder! Video for the first single “My Grind is Tech” coming soon. Order your copy here.