Free Album: Sapient – Famine Friends

November 1, 2009

Famine Friends is Sapient’s response to the “famine” occurring in the field of indie music – his response is naturally a flood of content. Upholding his promise to “make more”, Sape brings you another album, showcasing his uncanny consistency as an emcee and producer, in hopes to raise the standard of DIY music…if diamonds were free, why pay for garbage? Produced entirely by Sapient, and accompanied by three music videos, Famine Friends is a FREE gift to the heads, and a “fuck you” to the majors.
Check out the Famine Friends page here, or hit the button below for the direct download.

Famine Friends will also have 3 music videos supporting it’s release.

What other crew gave you 3 free albums this year? If you’d like to help support the movement take some time and browse our online store or look us up on iTunes!


Happy Halloween! Illmaculate vs. Chucky

October 31, 2009


Jin the MC calls out Illmaculate

October 29, 2009

Sounds like it might be on!

Illmaculate VS. Thesaurus battle

October 28, 2009

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Illmaculate vs. Thesaurus Preview

October 20, 2009

You can check the premiere tomorrow night at Backspace. 115 NW 5th Ave. Doors at 8pm.
Performances by;
Mr. MR(Gray Matters)
T & E

Timelapsed Sandpeople piece by Kant

October 19, 2009

Sapient – “Hands On” ft. Illmaculate & OnlyOne
Famine Friends

A couple weeks ago I took the short trip to meetup with artist Kant and film him do a Sandpeople piece. I previously knew of him for the piece he did in promo for IAMe’s I Am My Enemy album;

And a previous Sandpeople piece;

We exchanged contact info at a show a couple months back and made it happen from there. Make sure you send a friend request to check out Kant and his crew’s other works at his myspace!

Happy birthday Sape!

October 16, 2009

Let’s list some accomplishments from the last year;
-Fully produced and wrote for OnlyOne’s side of Police Brutality, contributed to Illmac’s side.
-Fully produced and wrote for Sandpeople’s Long Story Short EP
-Fully produced and wrote for IAME’s I Am My Enemy album
-Produced a lot on B-Sides Vol. 2, and yeah, he wrote raps for this too.
-Fully produced and wrote for The Prime album ‘One Uppers’ with Luckyiam. Coming Nov. 24th!!(and I hear that they have a lot of leftover material. hmm..)
-Fully produced a new Debaser album that was made available for free download
-Fully produced and wrote a new solo album ‘Famine Friends’. Drops Nov. 1st for free right here on this site
-Gathered up a bunch of northwest producers and put out a remix album of Make More titled Make Morphine. Also available for free download.

All of this in the midst of starting his family. Not to mention all the recording, mixing, and mastering he’s done. I’m CERTAIN the list gets much longer than this in the last year. Out of everyone in Sandpeople, Sapient is definitely the hardest to stay up with and is very much a cornerstone of the crew. That said, tilt one back and go wish this man a happy birthday! Maybe throw a ‘thank you’ in there while you’re at it.

The Prime(Sapient & Luckyiam)


The Prime(Sapient & Luckyiam)

Upcoming shows/The Prime tour dates

October 15, 2009

Oct. 16th(tomorrow!!) – Alphabet Stew will be playing alongside Souls of Mischief at Berbati’s Pan. It’s going to be an earlier show so get there at 8pm!

Oct. 21stIllmaculate will be debuting what’s set to be one of the biggest battles of all time between him and Thesaurus. This is happening at Backspace, doors at 8pm.
Oct. 23 – Marks the end of this year’s POH-Hop. Sandpeople will be performing as main support for E-40 at Roseland Theater. 8pm
Finally, The Prime(Sapient & Luckyiam) are going on tour! Mark your calendars!

Nov 8 – The Prime with Crown City Rockers at Studio Seven Seattle, Washington
Nov 10 – The Prime with Crown City Rockers at Zebra Bozeman, Montana
Nov 11 – The Prime with Crown City Rockers at Reef Boise, Idaho
Nov 12 – The Prime with Crown City Rockers at Urban Lounge Salt Lake City, Utah
Nov 13 – The Prime with Crown City Rockers at Larimer Denver, Colorado
Nov 14 – The Prime with Crown City Rockers at Eldo Crested Butte, Colorado
Nov 15 – The Prime with Crown City Rockers at Fox Theatre Boulder, Colorado

Make sure you check out the first leak from The Prime album ‘One Uppers’ in the post below!

The Prime X LRG album set to release Nov. 24th

October 15, 2009

The Prime (Sapient and Luckyiam) announces the release date of their debut album One Uppers! Nov. 24th is the date, mark your calendars! The CD will be a limited edition collaboration with LRG clothing (only 3,000 available). Pre-orders available soon! Download a leak “Common Place” from the album One Uppers here

IAMe launches

October 12, 2009

IAMe talks about charting the CMJ’s, thanks his fans, and tells you about his new website, which you can now view here. He even has a free song for download produced by Smoke of Oldominion!

That shit looks fresh!!