Happy birthday Sape!

Let’s list some accomplishments from the last year;
-Fully produced and wrote for OnlyOne’s side of Police Brutality, contributed to Illmac’s side.
-Fully produced and wrote for Sandpeople’s Long Story Short EP
-Fully produced and wrote for IAME’s I Am My Enemy album
-Produced a lot on B-Sides Vol. 2, and yeah, he wrote raps for this too.
-Fully produced and wrote for The Prime album ‘One Uppers’ with Luckyiam. Coming Nov. 24th!!(and I hear that they have a lot of leftover material. hmm..)
-Fully produced a new Debaser album that was made available for free download
-Fully produced and wrote a new solo album ‘Famine Friends’. Drops Nov. 1st for free right here on this site
-Gathered up a bunch of northwest producers and put out a remix album of Make More titled Make Morphine. Also available for free download.

All of this in the midst of starting his family. Not to mention all the recording, mixing, and mastering he’s done. I’m CERTAIN the list gets much longer than this in the last year. Out of everyone in Sandpeople, Sapient is definitely the hardest to stay up with and is very much a cornerstone of the crew. That said, tilt one back and go wish this man a happy birthday! Maybe throw a ‘thank you’ in there while you’re at it.

The Prime(Sapient & Luckyiam)


The Prime(Sapient & Luckyiam)



2 Responses to “Happy birthday Sape!”

  1. Sean Martin Says:

    haha dont forget make more!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Bird-Day Sape..oh, and thank you too.

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