DJ Green ft. Doc Vaporz, Cool Nutz & IAME – “Rose”

DJ Green’s Myspace;

“Hello, my name is DJ Green. I produce music, which means I make the music side of things. No, that is not me rapping or singing; however, that is I playing the piano/drums/guitar. I have a new album out called “Demo to the World.” I tried to capture the feeling of a Portland summer day and put it into audio. I believe I succeeded with the helps of hip-hop legends the Lifesavas, Cool Nutz, and Sandpeople, as well as indie rockers Eskimo and Sons. Furthermore, I believe artists like Sol, Emerson Valetine Lyon, and Doc Vaporz, who are all amazingly gifted up-and-coming musicians, brought a refreshing sound to the album. It was an honor to work with such talent, and I’m hoping you, as the listener, will give our songs a chance.”

To download ‘Rose’ click here, or download the full album for free here.


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