Long Story, Short… Available now! Sandpeople Leak Week continues.

The EP has landed, and if you’re sleepin’ and don’t have a copy in your hands/hard drive, the following links can alleviate that issue;

Amazon(physical copy)

If you’re in the greater Portland area, you can walk into the following stores and pick up a copy;

Everyday Music
Music Millenium

Finally, don’t forget it’s Sandpeople Leak Week over at Local Cut. Yesterday was a cut off IAME’s upcoming ‘I Am My Enemy‘ album(peep here) and today is a cut off the upcoming Sapient album ‘Make More‘, which you can listen to here.

Bonus: The homie Pegee13 from Oldominion just leaked another IAMe track as well, you can cop it from his Taco Neck Chronicles blog here.



2 Responses to “Long Story, Short… Available now! Sandpeople Leak Week continues.”

  1. probz@mylifemyhiphop.com Says:

    the album was amazing, I reviewed it on my site check it out

  2. probz@mylifemyhiphop.com Says:

    heres the link http://mylifemyhiphop.com/?p=2294

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