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Long Story, Short… Available now! Sandpeople Leak Week continues.

May 27, 2009

The EP has landed, and if you’re sleepin’ and don’t have a copy in your hands/hard drive, the following links can alleviate that issue;

Amazon(physical copy)

If you’re in the greater Portland area, you can walk into the following stores and pick up a copy;

Everyday Music
Music Millenium

Finally, don’t forget it’s Sandpeople Leak Week over at Local Cut. Yesterday was a cut off IAME’s upcoming ‘I Am My Enemy‘ album(peep here) and today is a cut off the upcoming Sapient album ‘Make More‘, which you can listen to here.

Bonus: The homie Pegee13 from Oldominion just leaked another IAMe track as well, you can cop it from his Taco Neck Chronicles blog here.


Champion Sound interviews Ethic & illmaculate

May 27, 2009

Champion Sound just posted up an interview with Ethic & Illmac. Topics include touring, Long Story Short…, and the mainstream. Then there’s this gem;

ClosedFrequency: Where did the name for the group “Sandpeople” come from?

Ethic: Its probably, in all honesty, the least substantial thing about us.”

Read the rest here.

Sandpeople Leak Week!

May 25, 2009

The fellas over at the Willamette Week music blog LocalCut are posting up 1 new song out of the camp every day this week;

“Do not adjust your monitor. Do not adjust your crappy PC speakers (you really ought to get a new set, you know). All this week, LocalCut will be running exclusive, unreleased new MP3s from upcoming Sandpeople crew albums (culminating in a track from the new Sandpeople EP on Friday).”

The first leak is “Spider in the Sheets” off the upcoming Debaser album. You can peep the song and article in their entirety here.

PDX Pop Now! compilation

May 21, 2009

Sandpeople will have a track featured the upcoming PDX Pop Now! compilation. Details and tracklist can be found here.

The Smoking Section writes about Sandpeople

May 20, 2009

Major shouts to Prop Jay over @ The Smoking Section. Here’s part of what he had to say;

““Hate Aside” is a perfect example of this smooth sound that this conglomerate brings. Once the hook hits it’s end-game from there on. Truthfully, Sapient’s speaker rattling thumps had me at hello but if you were not hooked early by the thumping bass, the powerful melody of the piano that shines during the chorus should help to clinch the Sandpeople a spot on your HD.”

You can read the rest over here.

Sapient – “Make More” cover art & preorder

May 20, 2009

Sapient’s new album Make More is available for preorder! Video for the first single “My Grind is Tech” coming soon. Order your copy here.

The Returners Ft. Clockwerk

May 20, 2009

Wolfe @ OldomionionFan has a new track posted by The Returners ft. Gold and IAMe. You can peep at the following link

The Returners ft. Onry Ozzborn, Candidt, IAMe, Gold, Life Rexall, & JFK – “Behind The Door”

2dopeboyz & Sandpeople!

May 17, 2009

Shake over at 2dopeboyz posted up a couple leaks off the upcoming Long Story, Short… EP. Here’s what he had to say;

“I have a feeling the majority of the dopehouse followers have been sleeping on the 10 man collective that makes up the Portland based group, Sandpeople. Some might have heard of a few of the memebers though. If you follow the rap battle scene, it’s possible ILLmaculate or TheSaurus might ring a bell. Either way, it’s time to fully wake up! May 26th… the crew will be dropping their new EP, Long Story, Short…, and I’ve included the lead single.”

While TheSaurus isn’t in the crew, he’s definitely the homie. Shout out to 2dopeboyz and the rest of the New Music Cartel. You can view Shake’s post with the leaks here.

Making Beats With Sapient

May 15, 2009


“At this point, everyone knows about Sandpeople. It’d be hard not to.

Portland’s hip-hop mega-group has been putting out a steady stream of quality records and worthy performances for the past few years. And chances are, if you’ve ever nodded your head to a Sandpeople record, you’ve nodded your head to beat by Sapient.”

Read the rest here.

Listen to the single ‘Hate Aside’ now!!

May 14, 2009

Stream it from hiphopdx. Video coming soon!

Preorder the Long Story, Short… EP HERE!